Funnels. This two ships: Costa Magica, in first plane, and the Ocean Village,crossing to the port of Funchal, giving the impression that the funnels are of a single ship, while the colors show different companies.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Moments of relaxation in the intervals of filming the movie Jonathan Livingston Seagull, conducted in 1973 and based on the book of Richard Bach.
No, no ... of course is a joke.
There are just seagulls in the port of Funchal.
We can see also one of the best hotels in Madeira, the 5 stars The Cliff Bay.

Oriana in Funchal

The P&O cruise ship "Oriana", is coming again this morning to the port of Funchal. Also we can see some houses of the city.

chairs in harmony

It's a flower? It's a paiting? No, there is just four chairs and a table, with some shadows, in one of the five star hotels of Funchal named CS Madeira.

irons blended to a modern sea station

For many years, the port of Funchal needed a station for boarding and disembarking the thousands of passengers who came in Madeira every year. This image shows a detail of the ongoing work of building the new space that will be ready in the end of this year. With a modern architecture will be a work remarkable.

a painting to see calmly

A funny painting on a wall in the port of Funchal. It was painted by the crew of the cruise ship Albatros which passes through the town several times a year.
In the port there are more paintings some developed and others less so.

the race

Looks like a race between the cruise ships of the MSC Cruisess and Costa Cruises. But it is not. The two ships have just left the port of Funchal and is about to double the Garajau, a nature reserve on the island of Madeira.


Art translated into a pumpkin in a face of happiness to have the edge in the Vision of the Seas passengers in the growing world of cruising.

window it's more than a window

A window is a window. But there are different ways of seeing. This one it's in five stars The Cliff Bay Hotel.

an old yacht in a historic city

A yacht in the marina of Funchal, the first built on the island, with a good central location near the city pier

brown and blue

We are in May, next summer, but the weather is crazy. The rain fell instead of the sun. And when that happens, the streams fill the earth and lead accumulated in the sea, painting the blue, brown.
The tower is the cathedral of the city.

a gun in the city

A gun in the city. But does not make any puummm... neither put afraid in anyone. Today, their role is merely ornamental, after many, many years ago, have a deterrent against pirates and looters. Stay at the Palácio de S. Lourenço, located in the historic city center and is characterized as a monumental set originally with the dual role of fortress and palace, and considered the best and most impressive example of military and civil architecture of the island of Madeira.
Today it is used as the official residence of the representative of the Portuguese Republic on the island and as headquarters of the Army.


During the winter season of the ship Aidabella passed in Funchal each sundays and mondays, in a week cruising the Atlantic. With passengers mostly german, the ship as the other's Aida Cruises, is characterized by stylized paintings on the hull. In first plane can see the bow of Volcan de Tijarafe, a ferry from Naviera Armas which also makes trips every week between the Canary Islands and the island of Madeira, and between this and Portimão, in Algarve, Portugal.

conversation on the balcony

"I think we are in the sun too long. I feel that my tan is too dark!"

Crossing his arms she said: "I do not know how to think such a thing. I'd rather be this way to the sun than spend a week attract a glass where only look at what we dress and without even looking at us!"

Santa Maria

It is called "Santa Maria". It is a replica of the ship of Christopher Columbus and was built on the Madeira island between July 1997 and July 1998 by Robert Wijntje, a dutch resident in the island, and by local artisans to celebrate the historic voyage of Columbus across the Atlantic to the discovery of "Indies", which ultimately led him to the Caribbean and America. There isn't a replica pure because don't have much data. But it was built as close as possible to the original. It has 22 meters in length, 3 masts, the highest with 16 meters. Has a capacity of more than 100 passengers.
Soon after construction is finished, the Santa Maria was in Lisbon to represent the Madeira wine at Expo 98. Today is the day trip south coast of Madeira.

window with a view

A window with a view to the sea where a cruise ship is a maneuver to enter to the port. In this photo we can still see the church of St. Peter of the sixteenth century. Has undergone renovations over the centuries XVII and XVIII. Among its architectural value can reveal all the tiles from the XVII and XVIII.

morning with poetry

Another beautiful morning arrives with much poetry

trees in the city

There are pictures like this one, in Av. Arriaga, the most central of the city that they are better without many words to not cause "noise"

hands in the garden

This piece of art, with three hands open, is located on top of one of the main gardens of the city, the Lido

art outside of a restaurant

This a lateral view of Tokos Restaurant, that results from the redecoration of this century-old house. Every effort has been made to maintain its original exterior, characteristic of the era.
Filipe Ramos, present Chef and owner for the past twenty years, has been entirely responsible for the decoration and equipping of the restaurant in Estrada Monumental one of the most important in the city and in the heart in the tourist area.

the wickerwork sledge

This is a sui geniris transport of Madeira. Named "carro de cestos" in portuguese, this wickerwork sledge is an experience of descent from the top of the hill not to be missed. The route starts at the Monte, at the top of the city, and ends not far from the center of Funchal. Are characterized by being moved by the feet of two men called "carreiros" (someting like people of the cars, or in specif case, the sledge). It's pure adrenaline, believe.
It's the ideal complement to travel upward in the cable car from the old town of the capital.

modernity with antiquity

Rua das Pretas (in portuguese) or Black street. The origin of the name of this street is the existence of several houses of rich families who had used his service many blacks there are many, many decades. Fortunately, the progress of the city did not interfere with the architecture of these buildings.

flowers in City Hall of Funchal

Flowers in front of City Hall of Funchal

artistc windows

Windows in the back of the Museum of Sacred Art

a roof

Roof of an old building: the Convent of Santa Clara

tunnel in the port of Funchal

Tunnel in the port of Funchal, where many cruise ships to come often. We can see passengers and a bus in a day with movement

pieces of art in a ship in port

When the Royal Caribbean's cruise ship "Vision of the Seas" was in port of Funchal I go there and I saw in it's interior many surprises like these pieces of art

nigth view to the port

A night view to the harbour with a MSC ship in there

a different view of the city

View of the city of Funchal from a window inside the cruise ship from Royal Caribbean's "Vision of the Seas", one of the many ships that pass through the Port of Funchal in Madeira island, in Portugal

the pope's car in Funchal

This bielding, some decades ago, was a hotel. A charming hotel. Today it's a catolic scholl.
But, I don't put this piture to see it.
If you can see, a white car is parked. It's the named in portuguese "papamóvel", a UMM Jeep adapted to the needs of the Vatican, when the Pope John Paul II visit Madeira in 1991. Was entirely done in the factory in Portugal Mocar.

Parque de Santa Catarina

Located at lower part of the Parque de Santa Catarina, the Chapel of Santa Catarina date of 1425, its construction having been ordered by D. Constance, wife of João Gonçalves Zarco, one of the "discoverers" of Madeira.
The park is located in the city of Funchal and has an area of 36 000 m2. It is one of the most important parks of the city, being used not only for simple trips, but also as a place of events, popular celebrations (such as Labor Day) or for the performance of small events (such as exhibitions on animals)


Flowers in the flowers island

a morning is arriving

A day is arriving, with the sun looking throught the clouds. Far, we can see Desertas islands. There live a monk-seal, with the scientific name monachus monachus. In Portugal, the monk-seal is limited to an area in the Desertas islands, the archipelago of Madeira.
This protected species there are still few in the african coast and in several areas in the Mediterranean sea, mainly in the greek coast