funnels - Funchal Daily Photo

31 de maio de 2009


Funnels. This two ships: Costa Magica, in first plane, and the Ocean Village,crossing to the port of Funchal, giving the impression that the funnels are of a single ship, while the colors show different companies.

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  1. Hello Paulo, thank you very much for visiting my weblog.

    I looked at your photos. They are very beautiful. I have never been to your country. It looks so attractive to me.

  2. Dear Marie, thanks to visit my blog too.
    My country is realy pretty. And my island, Madeira, in special, is very attractive with its natural beauty and hundreds of kilometers of trails by mountains. The island has over 200 years of history to welcome tourists. So, when you have time, check the travel and come to know Madeira island. There are direct flights from Paris. Isn't far from your city.



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