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14 de janeiro de 2010

the historic balcony

The beautiful balcony that I show in this image, with sides worked in wood, and zinc coating, belongs to an old hotel in town. The building remains largely intact as decades, but now has another use. At the top run government services, such as the regional Statistics, and in less than a retirement home in Santa Casa de Misericordia of Funchal.
A bonita varanda que mostro nesta imagem, com lados trabalhados em madeira, e cobertura de zinco, pertence a um antigo hotel da cidade. O edifício mantém-se quase intacto como há décadas, mas hoje tem outra utilidade. Na parte superior funcionam serviços governamentais, como a Direcção Regional de Estatística, e, na inferior um lar de terceira idade da Santa Casa de Misericórdia do Funchal.

6 comentários:

  1. I love the chipped paint and rusty ironwork.

  2. Beautiful and lovely Shot !! The design is exquisite !!

  3. The balcony looks like it has a wonderful view!

  4. Dear Lois,
    today de view from there is different like the time that was a hotel. They build apartaments and don't a free view for the sea like other times.

  5. One is able to see the passion and emotion that went into the construction of this.
    Please have a nice Friday.

  6. I really like it when you take us into your city. The balcony looks like lace. Sitting on this terrace must be a real pleasure.



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