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the corner of plants

Two days ago I showed a picture with fruit in the Mercaddo (market) dos Lavradores, the predominant product in that picturesque space of the city. Today I reveal other commercial space that exists inside. This is a place of sale with great variety of plants intended for various purposes such as medicinal as the kitchen. There is some years ago and it's a good visit.
Há dois dias mostrei uma fotografia com frutas no Mercado dos Lavradores, produto predominante naquele espaço pitoresco da cidade. Hoje revelo outro espaço comercial que existe no seu interior. Trata-se de um local de venda com muita variedade de plantas destinadas a diversos fins como os medicinais como a cozinha. Existe há já alguns anos e vale a pena uma visita.

6 comentários:

  1. great :) i hope to see all these good things during my holidays. Can't wait! :)

  2. That is a lot of plants in such a small corner! Nice shot.

  3. Funchal will be my next place:)......... always raining in Ireland!

  4. Just the most beautifull shot!!! I like it very much! Congratulations and thanks for sharing :)

  5. a fablous photo, Paulo! Just the kind of place I like for stocking up on herbs and spices....or just hanging out to enjoy the aromas.

  6. i've been reading your other captions for your other photos...very apt and attention grabbing!

    This one grabbed me because i wondered what the "corner" of plants looked like...you know, like plants' leaves have "corners" instead of smooth or round edges? (my thought processes are kind of convoluted at times!)



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