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8 de setembro de 2009

recharge batteries

One morning arrives at Funchal, with the sun to radiate in the mountains to awaken to a new day. For me, I hate rain, it is a moment of satisfaction to recharge batteries.
Uma manhã chega ao Funchal, com o sol a radiar nas montanhas a despertar para um novo dia. Para mim, que detesto chuva, é um momento de satisfação regarregar as baterias.

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  1. What a peace and silent morning. Nice to know your blog, too. This is my first time heard a city called Funchal. Your city is so beautiful mixing an old and modern touch. See how wonderful City Daily Photo can open a door to other side of world.

  2. It is a beautiful morning. I don't like heavy rain days, specially they come close to each other, but the day after is really good.

  3. Wonderful capture. Love the color tone here too. Nice mood captured.

  4. Cristóbal
    You are going to the end of rain season and I'm going in. And I don't like rain too.

  5. Cristóbal: This is a beautiful photo. Very nice!

  6. You've got some great photos here, Paulo, and interesting information to go along with them. I really love sunrises, but I'm usually not up and about at that hour!



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