the red projection

Detail of the Volcan de Tijarafe, a ship that makes trips every week between Gran Canaria and Tenerife, in Canary islands, Funchal, in Madeira island, and Portimão, in Algarve in southern Portugal.
The red projection is the bulb, put in ships to reduce the balances during navigation.


Pormenor do Volcan de Tijarafe, um navio que faz viagens todas as semanas entre as ilhas de Canárias: Tenerife e Gran Canaria, o Funchal, na Madeira, e ainda Portimão, no Algarve, no sul de Portugal.
A saliência vermelha é o bulbo, colocado nos cascos dos navios para diminuir os balanços durante a navegação.


This mermaid is in the Marina of Funchal. In addition to the work of the sculptor, unknown hands have undermined the work.


Esta sereia está na Marina do Funchal. A juntar ao trabalho do escultor, mãos desconhecidas têm desvirtuado a obra.

birds on board

Beyond the beauty outside of the cruise ships within each one there is a world to discover. This picture was taken in Funchal, on board the Thomson Celebration, a ship that passed through Funchal each week during the winter.

Para além da beleza exterior dos navios, dentro de cada um há um mundo por descobrir. Esta foto foi obtida no Funchal, a bordo do Thomson Celebration, um navio que passou pelo Funchal todas as semanas durante o Inverno.

Arriaga, a central avenue

The Avenida Arriaga is one of the most central of Funchal. With trees in the center, has a wide pedestrian area that gives it a large and very quiet.
This image was taken from the top of the building of the Madeira Islands Tourism, a central building recently renovated.

A Avenida Arriaga é uma das mais centrais do Funchal. Com árvores ao centro, dispõe de um largo espaço pedonal que lhe confere uma grande amplitude e grande tranquilidade.
Esta imagem foi tirada do topo do edifício do Turismo da Madeira, um edifício central remodelado recentemente.

Mercado dos Lavradores

This photo shows a detail of the Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmers' market), the main in the city and most emblematic. For years it was much frequented by residents in Funchal for weekly purchases of fish, vegetables, fruits and flowers. But with the arrival of large supermarkets and other proposals differentials, began to lose folgor. Today it remains active, as an icon of the city.

Esta foto mostra um pormenor do Mercado dos Lavradores, o principal da cidade e mais emblemático. Há anos era muito frequentado pelos residentes no Funchal para as compras semanais de peixe, legumes, frutas e flores. Mas, com a chegada dos grandes supermercados e outras propostas diferenciadoras, começou a perder folgor. Hoje mantém-se activo e como um ícone da cidade.

Casa-Museu Frederico de Freitas

Door from the House-Museum Frederico de Freitas who has as its mission the study, conservation and dissemination of the museum and its collections, working towards the preservation and appreciation of our culture.

Porta sombreada da entrada para a Casa-Museu Frederico de Freitas que tem como missão o estudo, a conservação e a divulgação do museu e das suas colecções, actuando no sentido da preservação e da valorização da nossa cultura.

a door and a window

A door and a window in an old building in the city, inactive. I like the colors.

Uma porta e uma janela num edifício antigo da cidade, inactivo. Gostei das cores.

Cais do Carvão

Part of the remains of the Cais do Carvão (coal), a former coal deposit dated to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which was supplied to that vapors who passed into Funchal on the way for and from America and Africa too.

Parte do resta do Cais do Carvão, antigo depósito de carvão datado do início da Revolução Industrial, onde antes se abasteciam os muitos vapores que passavam pelo Funchal a caminho da América e de África.

rare animals

Looks lie but it's true, I could capture the rare animals that are in this cage in on of the more emblematic park in the city, Santa Catarina. Do not know? Of course not because they are not animals but tools that are used for the conservation of the park and are stored where they should not.

Parece mentira mas é verdade, consegui captar os animais raros que se encontram nesta jaula num dos parques mais emblemáticos da cidade, o de Santa Catarina. Não os conhece? Claro que não porque não são animais mas sim utensílios que são utilizados para a conservação do parque e que estão guardados onde não deviam.

Lobo Marinho go another day to Porto Santo

Every day, the Lobo Marinho leaves Funchal and begin it's journey over two hours to Porto Santo. Then, on the end of the day, returning with passengers and cars.

Todos os dias, o Lobo Marinho sai do Funchal e faz uma viagem de pouco mais de duas horas até o Porto Santo. Depois, ao fim do dia, regressa com passageiros e automóveis.

3 ships

Three ships. One of cruises, stoped in the port of Funchal, and other two that made regular connections between Madeira and other destinations. At the top we see the Volcan de Tijarafe exit toward Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. And below, the Lobo Marinho, who returns to their daily trip to the island of Porto Santo.

Três navios. Um de cruzeiros, ao meio, atracado no porto do Funchal, e outros dois que fazem ligações regulares entre a Madeira e outros destinos. Na parte superior vemos o Volcan de Tijarafe, a sair em direcção a Tenerife, nas ilhas Canárias. E, em baixo, o Lobo Marinho, que regressa da sua viagem diária ao Porto Santo.

a line with a shadow

What I get in this picture it's a plane crossing the skies of Funchal. Besides the white line that sometimes leave on its way you can see a shadow of that line, which is not common.

a lot of surfboard

Madeira have some places for surfing. This forneigner car arrives to Funchal with many surfboard.

Funchal from westside

This photo show a view for Funchal city from westside

Santa Maria arriving

Santa Maria nau, a reply of Colombo's ship who "discover" America. This wood ship make trips all day in south cost of Madeira island. In the photo, it's arriving to the place where people embark and disembark, near the terminal ferry in Funchal port

fishing in the night

Cathedral tower and some fishing boats with lights in more one night of work

beach rocks solution to enter the sea

Maybe this is a solution to enter the sea on beaches with rocks that we can see in Funchal, like in this photo, and around the island.

a photographer in the photo

A new helicopter in the city to Heliatlantis who replaced another one to this one, smaller. If you see, in this landing photo you can see someone with a camera taking photos in Funchal bay.


This photo shows, in a first plan, the Quinta das Cruzes Museum, and above we see the Castelo do Pico (castle of the Peak), which can be visited but which is occupied by the Portuguese Navy for communications services. As for me, is very poorly used such is the potential which, besides the beautifull view on the whole city.

flower sellers

These flowers are in one of the most emblematic places where sale it in the city near the Cathedral, the largest and main church of the island. It's named floristas (florists).


A boat of Pestana Carlton Madeira Hotel with divers on board, in one of the raids that the coastal city offers to practice diving, some in protected nature reserves.

the discoverer

This statue is a tribute to João Gonçalves Zarco that with 19 years discovered the island in 1419. It was a Portuguese sailor and noble of the Casa do Infante D. Henry, who outlined the major discoveries of the Portugal.

a ship in the sky

What you see in this photo? A ship in a bad sea? Could be but is not. One of this days, the sky in Funchal was different. The wind up there make beautiful paitings. I just use a part of my roof and mixed. I hope you enjoy. I do it for you.

hotels bay

This bay can be called the hotels bay. In there we can find some of the most important hotels in the city.

Fátima Lopes design

This store is now closed after having sold merchandising associated with the celebration of the city of Funchal 500 years which concluded on 21 August 2008. They were pieces of the international designer Fatima Lopes, who was born in Funchal. Was open until a few weeks ago.

a car for the Madeira wine rally

From July 30 to August 1 back to Madeira roads another rally, the Rally Vinho Madeira (Madeira wine rally) one of the top in Europe. This photo shows the car of pilot's Peugeot Portuguese Bruno Magalhães, national champion a few times. The car came to Funchal in this days and stay now on a French brand stand.

towers to see the ships

This photo show some small towers in the city. In the beginning, many decades ago, was to see when the ship arrive.

art in lobby

An Y in wood, a piece of art in the lobby in five-star CS Madeira

a man in the window

A man in the window of Volcan Tijarafe a Naviera Armas ferry, during one of its two weekly passes the port of Funchal. The vessel linking the Canaries to Madeira, and this island to the Algarve in southern Portugal, and back.

Pilar de Banger rebuilt

The stones that you see in the photo is what remains of the Pilar de Banger (Pillar of Banger). A tower built in 1798 by the English in the then John Light Banger on Rua da Praia (Street Beach), which today no longer exists. Had about 30 meters and a diameter at the base of 3 meters.
Was used as a crane for transporting goods from ships to anchor in the bay and as a place to watch ships against pirates, and then as a signpost.
For decades, Funchal was known, described and painted with the image of this monument.
Eventually demolished in 1939 to be built the Avenida do Mar (Avenue of the Sea), despite protests from many of the people and the press.
In 1987 the works on Avenida do Mar brought again to light some stones that were buried. Other lost it ...
It was rebuilt in part with some of the original rocks and not far from where erected outside.

City view from the pier

The city view from the pier.

A cidade vista do cais.

old bus with new life

This old bus was recovered and is ready to move. Can make travel tourist. It is a drop of water in the middle of modern buses that travel daily through the city.