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encanto na Rua Dr. Barreto

Este enquadramento sempre me agradou na Rua Dr. Barreto, mesmo no seu início. Aquele conjunto edificado em comunhão com o verde e as flores dispensam grandes adjetivos porque a sua beleza está bem à vista.

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  1. I saw your thumbnail on the CDP portal and stopped by to check it out. I was surprised to note it was the capital city of Madeira. As I recall your country is noted for a Madeira wine. I remembered a song from when I was young about a man trying to get his girlfriend drunk so she'd be more amenable to his charms and the main line of the song was "Have some Madeira, my dear," which was repeated often.

    I have never been to Madeira, but I have been to the Azores when in the U.S. Navy. The islands look similar, but your have great beauty as seen in this shot of Dr. Barreto Street. My best wishes to you and I wish you a very Happy Easter if you celebrate that holiday.



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