Aurora cruise ship - Funchal Daily Photo

7 de fevereiro de 2011

Aurora cruise ship

The Aurora cruise ship in Funchal port in one beautifull day. The P&O cruise ships it's an around the world cruise. Today starts crossing the Pacific Ocean. Depart from Valparaiso in Chile. 21 days later is coming to Sidney, in Australia.

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  1. It must be exciting every time a ship arrives.

    How many visiting ships do you host in Funchal during the year?

  2. I have been on this ship and it is fantastic! Unfortunately it was not a round the world cruise, that would be something!

  3. Margaret,
    In 2010 Funchal port had 290 cruise ships and almost 500.000 passengers.

    Winchester Daily Photos,
    Yes, I believe this is a fantastic cruise ship.





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