red and white houses

hotel Quinta do Monte

night to dream

A beautiful moon, last night

gardens in Old town

old cellar, new hotel

The old building is seen on top of the cliff was an old wine cellar Barbeito. There are very disabled, to shift to new premises, that whole area as a farm adjoining, will give rise to a new wing of The Cliff Bay hotel, which lies to the left.

O edifício antigo que se vê no alto da escarpa era de uma antiga adega dos vinhos Barbeito. Há muito desactivado, com a transferência para novas instalações, toda aquela área, assim como uma quinta contígua, vai dar lugar a uma nova ala do The Cliff Bay hotel, que fica à esquerda.

high view

Funchal view

another hotels with sea view

house in gone under the plants

Monte Palace

city council

hotels with sea view II

a ferry is coming

Santa Clara Convent

Madeira cable car

purple flower


Sometimes we find curious forms in the mud.

Às vezes, encontramos na lama formas curiosas.

pink flowers

a lamp with a palm

who made holes in the clouds?

hotels with sea view

cathedral and Infante avenue

ships perspectives

Aurora and Vision of the Seas

Finance tower

where is the ship?

a Costa cruise ship going out

Zarco avenue


Aurora arring on one day of April