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12 de janeiro de 2010

the new statue

This statue is new in town. I have not had time to read what it should. Therefore, I see no answers to many questions. I recognize the cap of "villain", traditional island of Madeira. Then I see half naked body of a woman. A cloth to cover their eyes and hand position seems to indicate that play a game popular in Portugal is called "cabra cega"
Esta estátua é recente na cidade. Ainda não tive ocasião de ler a que se deve. Por isso, vejo-a sem respostas a muitas interrogações. Reconheço o barrete de "vilão", tradicional da ilha da Madeira. Depois vejo meio corpo nú de mulher. Um pano a tapar os olhos e a posição das mãos parece indicar que brinca a um jogo popular que em Portugal é chamado "cabra-cega".

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  1. thanks a lot for your daily insights of Madeira. I'm planning to visit the island in mid-March :) Good luck and thanks again :)

  2. It is an interesting statue!

  3. Hello, thank you for such a nice pictures. I like your city and I would like to visit it in early spring or in february - I wanted to ask you, could you recommended some good websites about Funchal or websites with accomodation or do you know some good hotel or something like that? I will appreciate. Thank you for some info, Sonja from Prague, Czech republic.

  4. Dear Sonja,
    I will see. I need to go out Madeira island two days. When I return I will chkec that for you.

    You make a nice option,, like Eddy Gonzales.

    Paulo Camacho

  5. It might also tell that one is able to feel the warmth of the sun, its position, even without the ability to see.

    Please have a wonderful Wednesday.



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