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8 de janeiro de 2010

John Paul II in Funchal

This picture already has a few years. I took in 1991 when Pope John Paul II made an official visit to Madeira in May. Was obtained at the Cathedral of Funchal and only a few days ago I spent the slides to digital format. And the importance of meeting the picture in its symbolism, and the blessing that the Holy Father decided to share it with you.
Esta foto já tem uns anos. Tirei em 1991 quando o Papa João Paulo II fez uma visita oficial à Madeira em Maio. Foi obtida na Sé do Funchal e só há dias passei dos diapositivos para o formato digital. E, pela importância que encontro na foto, no seu simbolismo, e na benção que o Santo padre faz decidi partilhar consigo.

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  1. Wow - that's a fantastic photo! He visited my hometown in Wisconsin when he was still a cardinal! I haven't heard from you for awhile. How are you? Bon weekend!

  2. It's interesting how certain human beings become living icons, embodying deeper meanings and symbolizing bigger truths than themselves.

    All of us on earth are as living icons -- representing our deeper personal truths and life values and belief systems. How we live our lives allow everyone to see the deeper part of us. So even though we may be clothed from head to toe, we may as well be naked -- for our actions speak louder than words, and our lives speak volumes without a single sound.

  3. Eu estava lá, e recebi uma carícia dele. Estava ao lado do Côro Infantil, fui com a escola e ficamos ao lado deles. Giro! Com jeito ainda apareço na fotografia. Os anos que isto já tem. Thank you for the photo.




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