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Christmas season ends

The Christmas season ends the day with the days of kings
A época do Natal despede-se hoje com o dia de reis

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  1. Your passion for photography shows in the quality of your "eye." So far, what i've seen are eye-popping and breathtaking... like candy :D -elicious to the eye. Me, too... i HAD a passion for photography... and GOD has pulled that in to help me decorate my blog(s).

    It seems every square foot of Funchal is taken. Are there any "empty" spaces left? A nature park? Any real estate left without buildings atop it?

  2. Dear RLN,
    Thanks to follow my photoblog and for your lovelly words.
    I can say tha I love take photos and, maybe I need more time in each photo to do it better.
    About my city I can say that we have a lot of green parks and green space. In all island of Madeira 2/3 are protected area where no on can bild. We have a forest, named Laurissilva, that is World Heritage of UNESCO.
    Paulo Camacho



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