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12 de setembro de 2009

moon to poets

A moon that I dedicate to all the poets.
Uma lua que dedico a todos as poetisas e poetas.

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  1. Great moon photo! I don't know why, but I've had trouble getting my camera to cooperate on taking a moon photo! Should be simple, right?

  2. I can try to help you. You need to have aberture priority in your camera, in something like Av position. Put the camera in a tripod and in timer option. Then, find the moon I try it until have a more or less good photo. If you have a profissional camera you have a easy way. But, if it's like me, with a compact, you need to try.

  3. That is so beautiful! Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Your blog is quite nice too.

  4. Why your moon is so bigger than our!?

    Beautiful photo, wonderful moon. Thanks for give us this gift!


  5. What a beautiful island. I could definitely cruise there.

  6. Its a WONDERFUL moon :)
    Perfect shot !!!
    greetings from The Netherlands
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  7. Wow, that is some photo. The words of Walter De La Mere come to mind -

    "Slowly, silently now the Moon,
    Walks the night in her silver shoon..."

  8. Hey, very very nice. I love this picture!!

  9. Fabulous moon. Your pictures are really beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Sunny :)

  10. Such a beautiful picture! It reminds me of the song 'Salga la luna' by Manu Chao & Mano Negra..
    Thanks for visiting my Cracow blog :)



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