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10 de setembro de 2009

lizard Madeira, a docile animal

She is looking for you. The lizard Madeira is a species belonging to Lacertidae family. It is a species endemic to the island, where there is in large numbers. Can reach 20 cm in length, although adults were usually between 10 to 15 cm.
Unlike other counterparts are docile. Can be manipulated with ease, a feature that was supposed to have been developed during its development in an area without terrestrial predators, which means these beings are often closer to the humans for food.
Está a olhar para si. A lagartixa da Madeira é uma espécie de lagarto pertencente à família Lacertidae. É uma espécie endémica da ilha, onde existe em grande número. Pode atingir os 20 cm de comprimento, apesar dos adultos terem, normalmente, entre 10a 15 cm.
Ao contrário de outras congéneres são dóceis. Podem ser manipuladas com facilidade, uma característica que se admite tenha sido desenvolvida durante a sua evolução num território sem predadores terrestres, o que faz com estes seres também se aproximem dos seres humanos em busca de comida.

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  1. I fed one with tiny crumbles of apples when I was in Madeira. An awesome inter species experience.

  2. Hi Paolo, I have visited your blog times before, I love your pictures and must be a great place to live Madeira! I all most visited it onces unfortunately I had to skip it.. :(

  3. Great picture, I'm sure some people over here would keep it as a pet!

  4. Voltei hoje do Funchal. Tirei diversas fotos ás lagartixas e fiz alguns videos :)

  5. Koala
    I think you agree with me that they are a docil animal, not to play like a cat or a dog.

    Thanks to came again. I try to show different things about a city with more than 500 years.

    I like lizard but I don't know if I want but. I admit pheraps I can give same food and then they want to my friends and I to.

    Coca Cutie
    Fico satisfeito por ter estado no Funchal. Espero que tenha gostado e que não se esqueça de voltar ao Funchal e à Madeira.

  6. In 7th grade, my twin brother might have tried to put such an animal down a girl's shirt! (never me! - I'm the nicer twin)

  7. I'm not so keen on these beasts but surely they are harmless and have their grace.

  8. Um animal dócil e lindo - pelo menos nesta foto.



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