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21 de junho de 2009

Madeira old cars

The 22.º Madeira Classic Rally is held between the next 24 to 26. For that much, many old cars, that change daily, stay in exhibition on the Avenida Arriaga, in Funchal (the most central of the city). These are some of the models that we can see these days.

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  1. I posted photos of quite a few classic cars a few days ago too. But I think this is much more handsome than those I saw! Love all matte and shiny silver!

  2. Dear Hilda, thanks to came again to my blog. These cars are really beautifull and pieces of history.
    I visit too your blog and I saw good historic cars too.
    Paulo Camacho

  3. Very impressive car!
    I generally enjoy your photos! :)

  4. ooh nice car - add some more!!



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