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9 de junho de 2009

Madeira ice

Madeira ice is a different way to drink this world famous wine produced in Madeira island many centuries ago. This particular car is one of five Smart with this design to promote the Madeira wine, sweet, with ice a limon. Tastefully. During the summer months, this cars and others marketing action will sensibilze the residents and foreigners to taste it.

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  1. Paulo! Great photo - fun pic! That car is sooo cute that I don't know, "should I hug it or drive it?!" zoom zoom
    Regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

  2. I love the car. Stop by today, I'm doing a series on unusual cars.

  3. Paulo, it seems to be a day for snazzy cars - Dan at Mckinney DP seems to have one, too! Very nice to see the two of them on the portal!



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