Festival of the Atlantic - Funchal Daily Photo

8 de junho de 2009

Festival of the Atlantic

The Festival of the Atlantic is an important event in Madeira island, where Funchal is the capital.
Is an relevant event that combines entertainment and culture. It has three components: the Madeira Music Festival, the International Fireworks Competition and performances by philharmonic bands in the city centre.

These photo is from last saturday when the fireworks competition started with Italy and it's company Parente Fireworks.
Next saturday will be Russia, with it's company Pyrotechnic Yards of Peterholf, and, in next, on 20th will be Germany, with it'sm company IP Innovate Pyrotechnick.
Finnaly, on 27th Portugal, with it's company Macedos Pirotecnia, close the festival.
However, Portugal, as an organizer, not to enter the competition.

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