a different way to see the city

Madeira Atlantic Festival, yesterday, last day

seen from inside the Pestana Casino Park

Zarco statue and the Funchal cathedral

a different composition in Madeira Atlantic Festival - third day

Santa Maria nau leaves Funchal port for another trip

Santa Clara convent and the trees

Casino da Madeira and Funchal behind

cruise ships in March. now the Funchal port is deserted

green life in Quinta das Cruzes Museum

the central garden (Jardim Municipal)

beauty in wildflowers

the cruise ship between the trees

fantastic nature in Santa Catarina park

a different view of Santa Clara Convent

Madeira Atlantic Festival, yesterday

a beautiful flower in flowers island

blue Tuk tuk to see Funchal city

São Tiago fort detail

Centro de Congressos da Madeira from Pestana Group

Vila da Levada in Rua do Quebra Costas

beautiful panoramic with reflection in Pestana Casino Park Hotel

Gold Award in European Competition to Jardim Municipal

Cristiano Ronaldo figure and the real Golden Football 2013

Rua das Mercês with traditional buildings

Funchal city hall tower

flowers outside Mercado dos Lavradores

Funchal Centrum buildinf and the fortress

old buildings

reflection in AIDAstella cruise ship