passengers in Costa Deliziosa

"strange" car

Funchal cathedral

Funchal marina

different tiles in the same roof

33 in Funchal port

view from Quinta Museu das Cruzes café

go and stay

a terrace with a view

Piilotos in activity

Pintas is looking to you

Disney Magic cruise ship arriving and the Santa Clara church tower

Blandy's wine

Lobo Marinho arriving

the tree

Passager du vent 2 painting in Funchal marina

seagull in the roof

the Vespa

old town

old and degraded buildings in Rua de São Pedro

cats relax

tug "fight" in a Funchal port anniversary

the old small hotel Santa Clara, today is a private residence

flowers near Quinta das Cruzes Museum

Buteo ropes


Madeira flag (left) and Disney Magic cruise ship flag in Funchal port

eucalyptus trees in the city

elegance in Funchal marina