Madeira Ship Club painting in Funchal port

organge flowers

seagulls "paintings" in Funchal port

the fire returned to burn the green hills

lights in Socorro church

full-scale "mock-up" of the Ventura cruise ship

governo building in Avenida Zarco

buganvilia in Santa Luzia "ribeira"

works in the building historic door

I post a photo in 12th June, next day they beginning woks. They almost take everything from inside and the roofs. Days later the works stoped. The door that I like still there.

night view in Rua das Pretas

today is the Funchal city day

new marina is building

night view to Rua da Carreira

flowers and the museum

varieties of Madeira wine

the cross reflection

nigth view to Caixa Geral de Depósitos building

the cat

two cylinders in Palácio de São Lourenço

Blandy's Madeira wine store

painting in the sea

night in Rua dos Ferreiros

funchal view

2013 painting in Funchal marina

roofs near Rua dos Netos

Buteo yacht

Portugal, Spain and Greece are on "sale" with 30% discount

Pink flowers in Funchal city

Colégio church

curiosity in this wall painting in Funchal marina: "1ª Ruta del Azúcar 2004"

Praça do Carmo