today is the last day of 2016

there is music (MSC Musica) in the sea

shapes and colors in the fortress

the city goes from sea to mountain

Calçada Portuguesa

water, is true

a city that vibrates at the end of the year

Merry Christmas from Funchal

an enchanted city to celebrate Christmas and New Year

art and Christmas lights in the city in 2016

reflections at the Gare Marítima da Madeira

the ship has just left Funchal and heads to Porto Santo

Frederico de Freitas Museum roof detail

a hotel overlooking the cruise ship

the cathedral seems to leave the castle

almost equal yachts in the bay

what is that ball? the moon? no, it's a radar.

this is the city that waits for you

an unknown part of the Convent of Santa Clara

flowers in the city

a cross on the sidewalk imperceptible at ground level

Saga Pearl II leaves Funchal port

view from the Pináculo viewpoint

very colorful clouds over the fortress

one of the offers of Funchal to know the sea

a privileged view of the city

approximate photographs of a tower deteriorating

CR7 museum and hotel

yellow flowers on the roof

quiet bay

a tree planted in Funchal by the President of the Republic

the green, the castle and the bird

elegance in the Quinta das Cruzes Museum

art on the painted doors in Old Town

a typical yacht from Madeira to meet from the sea

flowers are natural art that enchant