old times: a russian cruise ship waiting for the famous fierworks about 20 years

MSC Sinfonia leaves Funchal port inclined to port (left)

Choupana Hills, a hotel with charm

Funchal cruise ship goes slowly

5 stars in the hills

Golden Gate a restaurant with history recovered but now closed

Funchal west view

Lobo Marinho and portuguese cruise ship Funchal

moon between flowers

decorations for a wedding in the church of Santa Clara

Choupana Hills at night

flowers on top of the restaurant

the old door

Funchal east viw

Funchal cruise ship arrives between flowers

the house view

Old times: Fortaleza de São João Baptista do Pico 20 years ago

Santa Clara tower, the right side

the beauty of flowers

Foutain João Dinis recovered but with careless painters


museums, historic buildings and houses in one sight

"wash" the port with a tugboat

old times: some cruise ships in Funchal port for nearly two decades

Largo Severiano Ferraz at night

the new port in Funchal

the cat sleeps peacefully in a city window

courtyard of the Funchal city hall

quiet sea, from a viewpoint above Pináculo viewpoint

forgotten Old Town

detail of Jesuítas college

a different view in Casa Museu Frederico de Freitas