flowers in the flowers island

Socorro church with a good light

a hotel and Funchal city

Venda Velha with door painted in Old Town

hands in Lido gardens

Santa Clara church tower from Quinta das Cruzes museum

flowers and plants in Pestana Promenade hotel

Corpo Santo chapel in old town

pigeons at the window

Santa Clara convent and Disney Magic cruise ship

today is the Funchal city day

the promenade and the "calhau" (pebble) beach

reflection as a tv in tribute to World Day of Photography

Santa Clara church door

Gorgulho beach and Clube Naval do Funchal

diversity of fruits in town

Funchal in Funchal

The cruise ship Funchal arrives today at Funchal, in the city that gave the name of the portuguese cruise ship.

a different view of the city from the port

Lido gardens and a Porto Bay hotel

a motorcycle with style

great detail the tower of the church of Santa Clara

rare moment of this Popemobile and Pope John Paul II together in Funchal cathedral

each flower is a charm

Colégio church in Praça do Município

old town from Madeira Story Center

cruise ship Oceana maneuvering to leave Funchal

Disney Magic cruise ship from a different perspective

Santa Clara tower details

details of the Jesuit College and Colégio church

the chimney of the cruise ship and sailing boat

relaxing in the city