flowers in flowers island

The Madeira island is known for its lush nature, the friendliness of its people and for being the island of flowers.

the Caminho do Monte to descend in "carros de cestos"

The Caminho do Monte, where descend the traditional "carros de cestos", like tobogans, from Monte to Levada, near Funchal center down there

Calm approach by cruise ship Braemer

Calm approach to the port of Funchal one of this days by cruise ship Braemar. This year, this ship will complete 50 times in Madeira.

Santa Catarina chapel near the sky

The overcast sky makes seems to be a connection between the Santa Catarina chapel and the clouds.

green in Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses

on the right of this photo they are doing works on the coast that could purposely avoid. The idea is to show that the city of Funchal still beautiful as ever.

Funhal Daily Photo at an exhibition

I was invited to do an exhibition with some of the hundreds of photographs of Funchal Daily Photo site, as seen in these images in the hotel Meliã Madeira Mare. The invitation was due to the realization of congress that met in Funchal about 300 people across the country. The exhibition will be another week in five star hotel at the invitation of the direction of the establishment.

statue of Pope John Paul II in Funchal cathedral

statue of Pope John Paul II in Funchal Cathedral where his holiness was in 1991, during a official visit to Madeira island in May 12.

Colégio church reflection

I made this picture on of this days, in the morning, when the water and the wind are quiet. Because that it's possible to see two churches when in reality there is only one. The other it's a perfect reflection, as you had already noticed, logically.

flowers in flowers island

Madeira is known as the flowers island. We can see them in all places like this one in Rua da Carreira, in Funchal city center.

the Cruzes fountain

I have long time to want to photograph this old fountain in Cruzes, a few meters from the entrance of Quinta das Cruzes Museum. One day this week I do not put it off anymore. There is nothing special, but it has its grace and historical and architectural value. There is nothing special, but it has its grace and historical and architectural value.

the Camachofones playing in a city street

Camachofones consists of a group of young musicians who play and enchant in the city of Funchal. Big red tubes that are also used for songs that sound are the hallmarks of the band that no leaves anyone indifferent.

the passage with stone

I found this arc with what appears to be a passage now fenced with stone at the end of Rua do Castanheiro.

Saga Ruby and Funchal, a portrait of an era

The Saga Ruby and the Funchal in Funchal port at January 1st. They have similar lines but they have now different destinations. The first one will be an hotel in Asia and the second returns to cruises after change to another owner and was all recovered after a long standing.

snow fell today

Today snow fell in the city and throughout the island of Madeira. Even the downtown of the capital of Madeira could see some snow on the hills, which fell in greater quantity in the higher areas. And it's cold.

the Colégio church white cross

The white cross of Colégio church between the lights on the Praça do Município.

nau Santa Maria goes with the wind

The nau Santa Maria leaving the port in the wind with full sail, which is not always easy in that space. At the port we still see part of the Cruise Ship Mein Schiff

statue to Madeiran emigrant

Statue dedicated to the Madeiran emigrant who are across the world. Shall be one of the most important honors the island to who left the island looking for other experiences. You can find this piece o art in Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses near the main peer of Funchal city.

Colégio church in Praça do Município

This the Colégio church, an important Christian monument with a careful architectural and a very refined interior.

environmental education bus in action

Mini bus for Environmental Education. I made this picture today on Avenida Arriaga, in the city center. It's more an action linked to environmental education.

the Pacifc Princess arrives in a tranquil sea

A quiet arrival at Funchal cruise ship Pacific Princess with well marked presence on the picture of the cathedral tower.

Museu de História Natural do Funchal from 1993

Museu de História Natural do Funchal (Museum of Natural History Funchal)is located in the Palace of São Pedro, one of the most significant works of Portuguese civil architecture from the mid-century XVIII, the museum was officially opened on 5 October 1933.

old house in Rua da Carreira

I find this old building in a Funchal road, in Rua da Carreira. I don't know it's history but I believe that have a family blazon, like you see on the top of the door. Today, I think this house no have no one to live. At least that is what appears. It's another building with architectural and historical value to the city.

Funchal city council reflection

Funchal city council reflection in the Praça do Município central fountain

cross in the Anglican church in Funchal

One of many crosses in the Anglican church in Funchal, that was built in 1822. This temple has a classical facade, with four columns, surmounted by a finely painted dome.

nature in Funchal downtown

What you see on the top belongs to Pestana Casino Park, a five stars hotel in Funchal. I like all this green and the flowers in downtown Funchal and near Funchal port as you can see.

the Mein Schiff cruise ship in a fantastic night in Funchal port

The Mein Schiff cruise ship in a beautiful night in Funchal port. She is making a series of regular cruises to Madeira island during the winter season. In addition to the vessel characteristics, the Tui Cruises ship differs by the names written in the dark hull.

different tops of buildings

Not all buildings are the same, nor their tops are similar.

the last time in Funchal port from Saga Rose

This is the last cruise from Saga Rose, and the last time the the cruise ship was in Funchal port, in January 1st. The ship wiil be a hotel in Asia.