rainbow over Quinda das Cruzes and the fortress

A rainbow hangs over the city. In particular, is on the Quinta das Cruzes Museum and the Fortaleza de São João Baptista do Pico.

buildings with sea view

This is a different view from Funchal city and show buildings and roofs near the the Avenue (do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses) which is further south.

a tower reflection in a glass of wine

Santa Clara Convent tower reflection in a glass of white wine

fantastic light in Museu Quinta das Cruzes

The Museu Quinta das Cruzes it's one the Funchal museum that you need to visit. I make this photo outside because I liked this light.

Funchal cruise ship returned to his hometown

The portuguese cruise ship Funchal has the name of Funchal city, and she has that name just because the Madeira island capital name. I made this photo in the first jnauary, when she returns to her city after changing the owner, has been completely refurbished and get back in the original colors.

game forms

A game forms in a contemporary city building

macela, a plant used as a home remedy

The chamomile is a medicinal plant-shaped shrub that has small yellow flowers that can be used as a home remedy. Usually are for sale in a few street vendors located in places of Funchal

Magnificent light in the Funchal cathedral

Magnificent light of late afternoon in the Funchal cathedral, an icon of the city of Funchal

roofs aligned

These roofs are lined up on top of buildings that are very close to the town pier, and on the other side of Avenida Zarco, next to the Palácio de São Lourenço

a spider web in the door

A spider web in an abandoned port in the city center of Funchal

a door detail in the museum

A door detail in Casa Museu Frederico de Freitas, a fantastic museum in Funchal city to visit, in an old "quinta" da Madeira.

an interesting mannequin in a shop window

This is an interesting mannequin in a shop window with buttons to ornament. I find this in a store in Rua dos Ferreiros in the city center where they do repairs to clothing.

a fantastic Funchal view

A Funchal view from my house. You can see first Santa Clara Convent. After some museums, different houses and buildings and the cruise ship Oriana in Funchal port

a hand doorbell with some years

This old hand doorbell closes the three different one that I photographed in this days. This one is located in Rua dos Ferreiros and belongs to the door thar you can see in this post

modern buildings combination

Combination of modern buildings, near the Rotunda do Infante, in a city with over 500 years of history

cross history with the wind

Two ways with two different mariners units that belongs to two different times but sharing the present. Left, we have the nau Santa Maria, a reply from the Santa Maria of Chistopher Columbus. And, in the opposite side, we have an windsurfing board. Both navigate puffed up by the wind

to see in silence

I like the colors of this photo where you can see a fantastic morning light with the ferry Lobo Marinho in one more trip to Porto Santo island, what she do every day. In this month she was in the year maintenance in Caniçal port, east Madeira island

another doorbell in the city

This is another doorbell model. I find it in Rua dos Ferreiros in the door that I put in the second photo

MSC Armonia leaving the port to the full force

A fantastic departure from Funchal port of the MSC Armnoia cruise ship that is passing the Madeira island regularly. There is some wind but the maneuver was doing giving tight ship adorn as you can see on the picture

the holes of Regina are back

The holes of Regina are back. Born in the 40s, was out of the market for over 20 years. In return, 50 wooden replicas, with the same shape, size and color of yore were released. First available in stores "A Vida Portuguesa" and specialty stores. And now widened to the traditional trade and are made with lighter materials. The operation is the same. Each machine has a removable pack with 140 holes he liberates colored balls, with seven colors available, giving right to earn a different color depending on the chocolate. And who are lucky you can win a box of assorted filled chocolates.

playing hide and seek

The sun is playing hide and seek in a beautiful December morning. The main tower that you can see is from Funchal cathedral, building in the fisrt quarter of the XVI century.

an old doorbell

I find this doorbell in Rua dos Netos, wich is near the Funchal city center. That´s an old building where I think no one lives there.

magnificent sunset in Funchal city

I take this photo some days ago when I when I looked Funchal west in a momentary way to the balcony. I just had time to rush to seek my Canon SX30 and record this and other sequences of this set magnificent sunsets.

old windows

Two old windows in an old building in a Funchal road

a bycicle with style in "O calhau" restaurant

Near the Funchal cathedral, in the opposite place from the main entrance, we can find the mediterranean restaurant O Calhau. This bycicle belongs to it and promotes the space divided with indoor and outdoor seatings.

Bordal a Madeira embroidery factory and store

Bordal is a Madeira embroidery factory and store. In the entrance, on the street level, they a have a lady to embroider to show how Madeira embroidery has made with fantastic hands, like you can see in this photo.

the sun light

A light between the sky in a morning with much clouds in Funchal city, what don't happen today.

Ocean Dream bridge with a view to Funchal city

It is not always possible to have access to the bridges from the cruise ships. In this passage by Madeira island, the capitan of the Ocean Dream, a cruise ship with its own characteristics, it was allowed and therefore unable to photograph its interior, framed with the city of Funchal.

Aurora cruie ship departure from Funchal port

Aurora cruise ship departure from Funchal port with many people outside in several decks in the stern, enjoying that fantastic sun in a beautiful evening.

selling in the street in Rua das Pretas

This is a new activity in this central city Funchal road - Rua das Pretas. In all saturdays who wants can seel in the street.

a big crib in Santa Clara church

This is a crib that I phographed in Santa Clara church. It consists of few parts, but they have a considerable size. So the crib can be seen from any point of the church that is integrated in the Santa Clara Convent, much visited by tourists every day.