mixture of roofs and buildings and the cruise ship

a new morning in Funchal city

some christmas lights already opened in Funchal

yellow flowers near the sea

stranded in vegetation

AIDAvita cruise ship leaves Funchal port with a beautiful sunlight

stairs to the Funchal cathedral

game of shadows near Largo Severiano Ferraz

"look a the bird", a trip inside a tipical Madeira island "carro de cestos"

there is only a eucalyptus near Santa Clara convent

art in the city hall of Funchal door

a window on a cruise ship five stars

the signal

pink flowers between rooftops

colorful house in a Funchal road


Illusions. Here the ferrie "Lobo Marinho" looks bigger with the large cruise ship that will enter the port of Funchal ...


 Ilusões. Aqui, o "Lobo Marinho" parece maior junto do grande navio de cruzeiro que vai entrar no porto do Funchal...  

... but a little forward, since the distance seems to indicate that the differences in size between the two vessels is much greater. Are illusions.


 ... mas, um pouco mais para diante, a distância já parece indicar que as diferenças de tamanho entre os dois navios é muito maior. São ilusões.

view within the old Confeitara Felisberta

The Confectionery Felisberta is historical in Funchal city. But long ago that is disabled and abandoned.  Finally I managed to photograph the interior.


A Confeitaria Felisberta é histórica na cidade do Funchal. Mas há muito tempo que está desactivada e abandonada. Finalmente consegui fotografar o interior.

the Praça do Município fountain was fixed

blue night for a cause: the diabetes disease

a new morning in Funchal city

Funchal night view

Fortaleza de São João Baptista do Pico

vote in Madeira island to be "World´s Leading Island Destination"


This picture it's from today, taken in Arriaga Avenue, in Funchal, where Madeira Tourism have a place where who wants can vote online in Madeira Island or in hotel The Vine.
After being elected in August last "Europe´s Leading island destination", Madeira Island is now competing with 9 other islands for world title at the World Travel Awards in the category of "World´s Leading Island Destination"

If you prefers Madeira island, you can vote until November 10th.

To access the voting poll for Madeira Islands click here.
If you want to vote vote for Madeira hotel The Vine click here.

The world awards ceremony is scheduled for 30 November in Qatar.
Take this opportunity to also vote for The Vine Hotel, competing in the category "Best Design Hotel in the World".
Established in 1993, the World Travel Awards honor the best examples of good practices in the tourism sector worldwide.

see funchal city from "Ocean Dream", Peace Boat

Club Med 2 and AIDAstella in Funchal

the moon to dream

the Peace Boat "Ocean Dream" mixed with the bridge

soft sun linght in cruise ship

the Charlie eyes

Fortaleza de São João Baptista do Pico view