happy new year

the first 2 of 12 cruise ships that will be tomorrow in Funchal to see the firework

The World (right) and Braemer are the 2 first cruise ships in Funchal port to see the famous firework on 31st December in Funchal bay. In the last day of the year more 10 cruise ships will arrive to the same reaseon. In on all ships traveling over more than 20 thousand passengers.

a beautiful cat in Funchal city

lights over Desertas islands

flowers and the cheimney

colors and shadows

merry christmas with this mirror image

This is a mirror image tat I registered for this Christmas Day. However, the reflection would be better if there were no white streaks at the bottom of the fountain in Praça do Município.


 Esta imagem é uma imagem reflectida que registei para este dia de Natal. No entanto, o reflexo ficaria melhor se não existissem os riscos brancos no fundo do chafariz na Praça do Município.

where the patrol vessel of the Navy?

the Royal Princess lifebuoy and the city

Navigator of the Seas departure


AIDAstella in Funchal port

buildings contrasts

yellow flowers in a public garden

the fountain near Madeira Carlton hotel

another view to Fortaleza de São João Baptista do Pico

day moon

Albatros cruise ship departure

Photografhia Vicente - the archival photographs of the Madeira island

"Lara" is gone with the sea and the wind

These images are what remains of a pleasure boat called Lara. It was completely destroyed in the bad weather at sea last Tuesday, December 10. Was 46 years old. And besides the many stories he was involved, for me, had a more relevant peculiarity that was to have been done by Afonso family, from Gegé, Camanel and Nelsito.
I grew up with the boat and the deeds of this family.
I can still remember a kart down the curve entrance of his home in São Roque, Funchal, which both recall, had also been done by the Afonso family.


Estas imagens são o que resta de um barco de recreio chamado Lara. Foi completamente destruída com o mau tempo no mar da última terça-feira, dia 10 de Dezembro. Tinha 46 anos. E, além das muitas histórias em que esteve envolvido, para mim, tinha uma particularidade mais relevante que foi por ter sido feito pela família Afonso, do Gegé, do Camanel e do Nelsito. Cresci com o barco e com os feitos desta família. Ainda me recordo de descer num kart a entrada curva da sua casa em São Roque, no Funchal, o qual, tanto me recordo, também tinha sido feito pela família Afonso.

rainbow in the lake in Jardim Municipal

an old commercial shop that I unaware it's name in Rua da Mouraria

sunrise today between Desertas islands, in a view from Funchal city

"Templo Evangelico Nacional" dilapidated building

reflections from AIDAblu in Funchal port sea

orange flowers

mixture of flowers with many colors

the Pinocchio for sale in Funchal with the name Madeira. Why?

The Pinocchio for sale in Funchal with the name Madeira printed. But it has nothing to do with the tradition of the island. Unless is "because" the name "Madeira" (wood) because the Gepetto's son it was made in wood. But of course it is nothing of this. Only they are selling Pinocchio linked to a name that should not be allowed.


O Pinóquio à venda no Funchal com o nome Madeira estampado. Mas não tem nada a ver com a tradição da ilha. A não ser pela ligação do nome "Madeira" à madeira de que era feito o "filho" de Gepeto. Mas evidentemente que não é nada disto. Apenas estão a vender o Pinóquio ligado a um nome que não devia ser permitido.

the hole in a new Funchal building

I found where the rainbow is born this chimney

I found where the rainbow is born this old chimney ...


eu descobri onde nasce o arco-íris desta chaminé antiga ...

... and then enters the sea.


... e que depois entra no mar.

churches and other Funchal buildings

mixture of roofs and buildings and the cruise ship

a new morning in Funchal city

some christmas lights already opened in Funchal

yellow flowers near the sea

stranded in vegetation

AIDAvita cruise ship leaves Funchal port with a beautiful sunlight

stairs to the Funchal cathedral

game of shadows near Largo Severiano Ferraz

"look a the bird", a trip inside a tipical Madeira island "carro de cestos"

there is only a eucalyptus near Santa Clara convent