Blandy's Madeira wine lodge

cruise ships in Funchal port

Casa Pathé an historic Funchal store

art gallery in Santa Maria street in old town

colors in an old Funchal building

look with attention to the moon and the clouds. What you see?

old cash register in a Funchal showcase

Casa Museu Frederico de Freitas main door

side by side in Funchal port

litle boy - Santa Maria street in old town

Madeira University

"santos populares" paintings in Rua da Carreira

Smoke in the air today because the mountains fire

Charm in Arriaga avenue

Funchal city Council

traditional door-post in an old house

Rua dos Ferreiros at night

MC Doçuras sweets

MC Doçuras

Lobo Marinho arrives Funchal port

pilar detail in "Seminário Maior"

colors in largo Serveriano Ferraz

old equipments in a Funchal showcase

repairing small pipes to put the famous Madeira wine

Santa Clara monastery and beautifull flowers in my house

Azura is back today to Funchal port with 3.170 passengers

view in north Funchal port

woman painted in a door - Rua de Santa Maria, old town

flowers between old roofs


trees in 5 de Outubro street

Last day, yesterday, in Atlantic Festival in Funchal city