dreaming - Santa Maria street in old town

flowers to Funchal Daily Photo anniversary

One picture from Funchal city every since 29th april 2009. Thanks to follow me. Paulo Camacho

Madeira wine entrance

seing the cruise departure

Colégio church and the Madeira flowers perfume

pink flowers in the day Portugal celebrates democracy

lines in Funchal Port

Independence of the Seas cruise ship detail

Madeira wine old building

antiques in the yellow market square

tranquility in the port that all commanding officers and passengers enjoy

Rua do Aljube night view

in Funchal city you can see flowers in every place

another painting from Max Romer in Madeira Wine company

a wall without end in Casa Museu Frederico de Freitas

a showcase in the flowers city welcome to spring

a colorful stream of the Funchal city with flowers

yellow square fair witch take place all fridays

Thomson Dream cruise ship

the bus and the cathedral

Santa Clara monastery

Max Romer paint in Madeira Wine wineries

water from the cruise ship

Independence of the seas from Pico fortress

walls of the Pico fortress

the old and new

Ventura cruise ship in Funchal port



come, go and get