June sunset month

different perspectives of the São Pedro church

Pretas street

Atlantic Festival 2011 ends saturday with Portugal

old beach. Today no longer exists.Disappeared with the rocks


satellites to follow the paragliding

Beautiful light to receive the ferry Lobo Marinho

architecture options

tranquility in Funchal port

Formosa beach and buildings

France fireworks, saturday, Atlantic Festival

the old chimney

the bridge

Banana plants

tile panel in Monte Palace


Arriaga avenue and the cathedral

Arcadia cruise Ship

Atlantic Festival, last saturday, Ukraine

isn't Chinatown but the oriental garden in Monte Palace

Socorro church in afternoon

Câmara Pestana street

flowers and lines

door bell with some more ink

flowered balcony

Atltantic Festival, yesterday - Austria

view from west of the city

the beauty does not choose the places

ready for take-off

Santa Maria nau and the cathedral