the Beatles yacht

This is a restaurant in Funchal, near the rock and sand black beach. The base of it it's a iacht that they say belonged to the Beatles. We can read that in the back of the iacht. That's a good proposal, said you. It was good if they don't put the Vagrant with many folk things what put it not minimally attractive.

sunset over banana plants

A sweet sunset over banana plants, a king fruit of Madeira island

a V on the roof

A V on the roof of a convent (Santa Clara) in Funchal, a catholic monument in a catholic country, but democrate.
In Iran, the regime, which is far from a democracy, fears that the votes of the people to dethrone the force imposed.
This photo, with a V of victory, is my great honor to this great and fearless people who struggle with the force of reason, the strongest that can be used as followed Gandhi.

little paradise

This photo was taken in Pestana Palms Hotel gardens, a four star hotel by the sea. It's near from other hotel, the five star CS Madeira and from Lido, the most popular public bathing complex in Funchal.

little tribute to Michael Jackson

The photo shows what Madeira newspaper Jornal da Madeira and Diário de Notícias put on today editions with the death of Michael Jackson. It's my little tribute to the king's pop. The world was, bound, poorer.


the helmet

View of part of the city from the Marina of Funchal. The clouds at the top of the mountains are features this month of June we say around here that is the month of the helmet.

tribute to Madeiran businessman

The sculpture that we see in the photo wants to be a tribute to the Madeiran businessman who has a day dedicated each year on May 21. Is located on the sidewalk of the Avenida do Mar (Avenue of the Sea), the major marginal in the bay of Funchal city.

Bougainvilleas on top

This picture of the ribeira (name in portuguese, thar means like a small river) of Santa Luzia, one of three that cross the city of Funchal has been covered by bougainvilleas, a plant that exists in many colors. Originally from Brazil is very common throughout the island.
However, one day, your weight has caused fall. Had to start all over again and had to fix everything again and so can re-grow and cover the ribeira, which is already happening.
This plant belongs to the family Nyctaginaceae and its flowers in summer attract the attention. The most common is the color purple as these.

Madeira old cars

The 22.º Madeira Classic Rally is held between the next 24 to 26. For that much, many old cars, that change daily, stay in exhibition on the Avenida Arriaga, in Funchal (the most central of the city). These are some of the models that we can see these days.

Sissi and the hotel

This photo shows two great works in Funchal maid for two big names of arts and architecture in the world.
The statue, designed by the Lagoa Henriques, is the Empress Elizabeth, better known as Sissi, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which came to Madeira twice. Although there are other interpretations, came for the first time in November 1860 for health reasons. The island was known as therapy office, with a favorable climate for the treatment of tuberculosis.
The life of Sissi finally became a myth.
This statue in bronze and naturtal in size, is a tribute the city of Funchal.

As for the building, besides being a flagship hotel of the city, the Pestana Casino Park, built in the gardens where Sissi was there, is a result of the pencil of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeier.

on board the Pacif Dream in the Atlantic

The Pacif Dream cruise ship came to Madeira all friday with tourists, much of them are from Portugal. A few are from my island, named Madeira, and the others are from continental territory. But, in this Pullmantur's ship, there are passengers from others countries.

In this photo I show a different perspective to see the ship and Funchal bay.

a different view for Reid's

A different view from Largo António Nobre for the most emblematic hotel in Funchal, the Reid's Palace

easy clean

An easy way to clean the city

city view

Partial view of Funchal from Quinta Vigia, official residence of president regional government

rocks with lights

A different view of a garden with rocks lights in CS Madeira, a five star hotel in Funchal

a little history is going

Confeitaria Felisberta or Patisserie Felisberta, in english. This is the name of one of the most famous cake shops of the city of Funchal, situated in Rua das Pretas. However, what we see in the photo shows that, unfortunately, is closed. Closed to the public, who never had access to wonderful recipes of cakes and sweets where each customer could serve up, and closed his knowledge.
The patisserie was closed for many years, and shows the deterioration with the name about to disappear. Unfortunately nobody is interested to recover it. I have the perception that this type of offer differentiates a destination such as Madeira.

red or blue...

In Funchal there are three ways to send the mail. Besides the green mail, which is inside the station and is for those who purchase the packages in pre-payment, there are these two landmarks. The red is for normal mail, the traditional. And the blue, where we pay for mail to goo faster. Is called the blue post or Correio Azul, in portuguese.
However, this offer is not very well perceived by thousands of tourists who visit us. So often are in doubt which should put the postcards with images of the island of Madeira.

the mix

The Aida Cruises ship "Aidabella" in the port shown an interesting mix in this picture with one of the most emblematic hotels in the city, the Pestana Casino Park, designed by the great brazilian architect Oscar Niemeier.

the cathedral

This is one of the views of the Cathedral of Funchal (the tower on the right) most photographed. It is captured through the "Largo do Chafariz".
The tower on the left belongs to a typical building of the city where it is today the Santander bank.

moon in the city

The moon inspires the city

Madeira ice

Madeira ice is a different way to drink this world famous wine produced in Madeira island many centuries ago. This particular car is one of five Smart with this design to promote the Madeira wine, sweet, with ice a limon. Tastefully. During the summer months, this cars and others marketing action will sensibilze the residents and foreigners to taste it.

on more photo about the Festival of the Atlantic

On more photo from last saturday when the fireworks competition about the Festival of the Atlantic started with Italy.

Festival of the Atlantic

The Festival of the Atlantic is an important event in Madeira island, where Funchal is the capital.
Is an relevant event that combines entertainment and culture. It has three components: the Madeira Music Festival, the International Fireworks Competition and performances by philharmonic bands in the city centre.

These photo is from last saturday when the fireworks competition started with Italy and it's company Parente Fireworks.
Next saturday will be Russia, with it's company Pyrotechnic Yards of Peterholf, and, in next, on 20th will be Germany, with it'sm company IP Innovate Pyrotechnick.
Finnaly, on 27th Portugal, with it's company Macedos Pirotecnia, close the festival.
However, Portugal, as an organizer, not to enter the competition.

see calmly

See calmly through the window to the beauty of a lush garden of a hotel of reference in Funchal, The Cliff Bay.

Pacific Dream in Funchal

The Pullmantur cruise ship "Pacific Dream" began yesterday to make weekly cruises in the Atlantic, with passages in Funchal on Friday. Replaces the "Atlantic Star" that has been positioned to make travel in Brazil. Was planned to make more connections to Madeira, but the H1N1 virus that emerged in Mexico unfortunately, at this stage, chase tourism away and the company decided to withdraw the ship from Acapulco and put it on this side of the Atlantic, with stops in Gibraltar, Morocco, Lanzarote, in Canary islands and Madeira. I was on board the ship and left me very good impression with crew friendly, starting with the capitan Antonio Alonso, a native of Bilbao, the Basque Country, in Spain.

criativity is one of the keys

Creativity is increasingly a key differentiator, even in companies that engage in trade of antiques, like this in front of San Peter church.

Aidabella is watching you

Aida Cruises ship Aidabella with it's big eye is going out from Funchal port in a mix with city buildings and gardens.

a Hotel on the cliff

There are hotels such as Reid's Palace, which you see in this picture, which don't need presentations. It is the oldest hotel of the island of Madeira and the most luxurious. It belongs to the international Orient Express Hotels.

pink balcony

This pink balcony is part of one historic house with big garden, named quinta in the island. It's situated in city of Funchal, capital of Madeira. Has a privileged view to the sea and the bay of the capital. It's a fifth built over the centuries XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX and XX.

Nicholas of the residents here and Tuelière Conde de Lambert, Queen Adelaide of England, Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Archduke Maximilian, the Prince of Oldenburg, the Duke of Leuchtenberg, D. Amélia, Empress of Brazil and his daughter Maria Amelia.
Today is the official residence of the Regional Government of Madeira that acquired it in 1979. His name was then the Quinta das Angústias (anguish). Today is Quinta Vigia.
Since that time it began a series of works, both in gardens and in buildings, before the official residence was a school of music until 1984.
Can be and is visited daily by tourists.

Vision of the Seas for the city

Privileged view from inside of the Royal Caribbean's "Vision of the Seas" to the city of Funchal.