This is the last day of the year. In Funchal we have the famous fireworks at midnight. Because that the city and all island is full with tourists who came to see the beautifull fireworks in the the Funchal amphiteater. They came in airplanes and in cruise ships, like you can see in this photos. The last one show two ships positioned in one of the points where the fireworks will go to the sky. There are six cruise ships (Queen Victoria, Azura, AIDAsol, AIDAbella, Thomson Majesty and Boudicca) today in Funchal. All of them and more two, the Lobo Marinho ferry and the Ponta de São Louirenço tug, will do a horn concert, the "Madeira new year ships horns concert", at 19.15 hours. Will be a unic moment in Madeira island and in all world. I will try to record and tomorrow I show. One more words just to say that we whait two more cruise ships: Saga Saphire and MSC Divina.

Today is christmas day. I put this photo beacause I find it and because it's different. I take this photo in 90's in Eurosun cruise ship window. It's the way that people o work on board, far from they family, can celebrate these days to stay at home with our family.
So, I dedicat this photo to all who work on board.

Illusion. Yes, I wrote in this post title that's a long cat. But isn't. In reality there are my two cats: Pintas (behind)and Charlie.
Today it's a restaurant, but the owners said that's an ex-Bealtes yacht. This days, the service is not like when they open it the Vagrant restaurant. It's smaller and in future maybe will close to creat a new offer in all area.

The Fábrica do Torreão was a sugar cane factory, the biggest in Madeira Island. But the prodution decreased and all stop.
And what could be an museum to preserve the history the autorities decide to destroy all the buildind to create a public garden where we only can see the old cheimney.

Two ships in Funchal harbour. On it's stop in Funchal port, and another is arriving "between" the Costa Cruises ship smoke.

   Some decades ago this was a café. For any reason close and became a car stand for Toyota. This representantion chance to a modern building outside the center. Then someone have the idea to put again The Ritz. It Wassup open some weeks ago and it's a fantastic place to drink a coffe and eat a delicious cake.

We did today our crib and all christmas decorative. And Charlie find there a confortable and hot place to sleep.

The Universo de Memórias João Carlos Abreu is a museum. A different museum with memories from João Carlos Abreu, the responsble for many years about Madeira tourism. The museum it's a memory about all he's life and have a restaurant. This is the entrance with a fantastic light.

This is the traditional calçada portuguesa. In this photo the es can see shapes that give us ilusions. What you see and imagine?
One of these days, the italian cruise ship MSC Poesia left Funchal port. She goes slowly until east side of the Funchal amphiteather to shows the city and all of its beauty. Then reversed course and went west to America. It's a great gift to all passengers.